Collaborative and Industrial Robotics

Robots Are On The Rise

Robot installations have grown exponentially in recent years.   Robots have been around in industry performing many tasks such as welding and material handling since the 1980s.  The recent boom is a result of decreasing costs and ease of use.  Emerging markets such as the area of  Collaborative Robotics have stemmed further growth allowing robots to be used in many new applications.

Modern robots are easier than you may think to deploy.   Robot manufacturers are revolutionizing integration and deployment, making it more accessible for those new to robotics. Yaskawa leads with its Smart Series and Singular Control solutions, streamlining the process significantly. Mecademic offers the world's smallest and most precise robot, designed to integrate seamlessly as a component in existing control architectures, with EtherCat Slave device capabilities. Precise Automation makes collaborative robots user-friendly with its simple web interface and unique offerings of SCARA and Cartesian mechanisms, alongside articulating arms. For a top-tier lightweight 7-axis collaborative robot, Copenhagen-based Kassow Robots stands out in the field.

Our Collaborative and Industrial Robot Solutions

Benefits of Robotics in Manufacturing

Return on Investment

Leverage Robots to boost your productivity and and combat the shortage of manual labor. RIA (Robotics Industries Association) offers a free  ROI Calculator to help estimate cost savings.

 Gain Redeployable Assets

Robots can be easily retooled and repurposed should the need arise.  Robots are great assets and retain their value.

Ease of Use

Robots are so much easier to use than you might expect.  Many people can learn to teach and program robots with very little effort..

Save on Labor Costs

We've all heard about the labor issues.  Flexible Automation allows for re-allocation of human labor from dangerous, repetitive tasks.

Skyrocket Efficiency

Reduce costs of your operations and keep your business running smoothly.

Increase Product Quality

Flexible automation of processes allows for standardized product, and lets you maintain control on your business's products.

Automate These Processes with Collaborative and Industrial Robots

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Our diverse selection of grippers and tooling caters to a wide range of applications in both collaborative and industrial automation. Including advanced gripping technologies, sensors, and various tools for tasks like assembly and machine tending, these solutions enhance process optimization for manufacturers. They offer the flexibility and compatibility needed across different robot brands, ensuring an effective automation investment for businesses of all sizes, especially in enhancing productivity and quality.

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