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Benefits of Automating An Assembly Process

Automating an assembly process with robotic technology can yield a business the following benefits:

  • Eliminate ergonomic strain on employees performing monotonous, repetitive assembly tasks.
  • Enhance quality control and consistency of assembled products.
  • Speed up the assembly line, increasing throughput and capacity.
  • Reduce overhead costs, contributing to a more profitable production line.

Our Approach to Automating an Assembly Process

Our team takes an integrated and thoughtful approach when working on an assembly automation project. Customizing each part of the assembly cell is crucial in this environment, and by integrating various elements such as robotics, specialized tooling, and tailored software, engineers can create a harmonious system with the best components available on the market that fit your budget. This integration allows for the precise customization of assembly operations, aligning them with the specific demands of each application.

This approach empowers our engineers to fine-tune the robotic assembly techniques, tooling selection, and assembly sequences to match the intricacies of the components being assembled. This level of adaptability optimizes efficiency and accuracy, resulting in increased productivity and minimized errors.

Assembly Automation Testing

In partnership with leading manufacturers like OnRobot, Asyril, and Mecademic, our team of engineers is able to test your assembly application completely free of charge.  This includes building out a proof of concept, testing throughput and accuracy, and more!  Through this process, we can provide a clear line of sight into what your automated assembly process would look like in regards to feasibility, cycle time, tooling needs, and return on investment.

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Assembly Automation Solutions from Leading Manufacturers


OnRobot Screwdriver

Automated screwdriving to boost productivity and quality has never been easier, smarter, or more cost-effective.  Precise torque control and embedded axis eliminate the time and cost for additional integration and ensures consistent, accurate screw insertion. Changeovers to a different screw type or size take just minutes, reducing downtime and boosting ROI.

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Meca500 Industrial Robot

 The Meca500 is by far the smallest and most compact six-axis industrial robot arm. It is also the most precise one. And unlike most other industrial robots—which are usually complex stand-alone systems—the Meca500 is a plug-and-work automation component. This robot is a slave component rather than a master, which makes it very easy to integrate via any computer or PLC.

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Asycube Vibratory Feeder

Asyril develops high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1 up to 150 mm in size. Their unique 3-axis vibration technology and intelligent vision system are easy to integrate and allow for optimized speed, accuracy and flexibility. The Asyril Asycube Series is compatible with all kinds of parts, and can perfectly handle complex geometries.

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