Asycube Series

Flexible Feeding for Any Part Geometry

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Asyril has developed vibratory parts flexible feeders to offer an efficient solution for the unbulking of all types of components delivered in bulk. The Asycube is compatible with all robots and PLCs thanks to its TCP/IP and Modbus TCP compatible communication. Various plugins are available for easy system integration. Using Asyril’s EYE+ smart control system, will allow you to optimize the performance of your Asycube for an optimal flexible feeding solution.  

This 3-axis vibration technology offers unprecedented optimization of the feeding and sorting process.

This system moves parts quickly in all directions, eliminates corner and edge build-up, eliminates part recirculation, and handles delicate parts smoothly with precise frequency and amplitude control. Asyril’s patented 3-axis technology allows better cycle times and optimal efficiency of your machine even on structured, slotted or perforated platforms.

Customizable Platform Examples for All Part Configurations

Flat Platform

Deep Grooved Platform

Wide Grooved Platform

Micro-Structured Platform

Holed Platform

3D Pocketed Platform

Asycube Series

Each Asycube feeder is designed to be used with part sizes of various sizes.  Take a look at the options below, and you will be able to get an idea of which feeder is right for you based on your application.  

Keep in mind that these feeders work with nearly any part geometry, and if your robotic application demands the parts to be presented in a certain way then it is very easy to create a platform that ensures proper orientation.

Integration Examples


Non contact handling of medical device, 3 way stopcock.

Robotics company uses flexible feeding for the assembly and handling of medical components.


Enhancing security and flexibility in medical device industry

Ward Automation uses cobots and Asycube feeders to offer their clients a safe and financially interesting assembly solution.


Placing copper spacers on electronic component

Many sectors require (electronic) power modules, especially for power plants and the manufacturing of locomotives and electric cars. In the production process of these power modules, copper spacers are used as thermal conductors to evacuate the heat of the electronic components.


Flexible Assembly Process using an Asycube 240 and a UR5 robot

The LIAA collaborative workcell by Asyril’s partner Teknologisk Institut (Denmark) demonstrates a collaborative and reconfigurable assembly process, where the Asycube 240 presents to the robot 4 different small elements to pick up, in order to assemble radial-axial bearings produced by the Slovakian company Spinea.


Precision Feeding and Assembly of Small Gear Wheels

The know-how of SMS Spinnler system building combined with Asyril’s high performance feeding components is a great fit for operations such as force fitting, flanging, crimping, riveting, marking, sorting and assembly of small parts.

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