Motion Control Solutions

At BlueBay Automation, we're experts in motion control, and partner with the industry's best in order to give you the flexibility and reliability you deserve.

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Your Partner in Motion Control Solutions

At BlueBay Automation, we specialize in advanced motion control and positioning systems, backed by our certified drive specialists and servo experts.  For advanced applications requiring coordinated motion, camming, electronic gearing, or integration with other kinematic models, our skilled engineers are equipped to assist in motor sizing, selection, and application dynamics review, ensuring the right servo system for your project.

Motion Control Solutions Tailored to Your Needs 

BlueBay Automation is dedicated to meeting your specific needs, whether that involves sourcing a single part or overseeing an entire project. Our approach is highly adaptable, offering the flexibility to operate in any capacity required. We can assist with anything from selecting individual components to complete project management, always aiming to provide the precise level of support you require for successful project outcomes.

Certified Motion Control Expertise & Extended Warranties

Our team comprises certified drive specialists, guaranteeing top-tier expertise and reliability in every project. Opting for our drive start-up service brings the added benefit of an extra year of warranty on your drive, showcasing our dedication to delivering quality solutions and ensuring long-term reliability. This extended warranty is part of our commitment to providing exceptional service and lasting value to our clients.

We partner with the industry's leading manufacturers to provide you the best-of-breed solution.  Below, you'll find a list of some of those manufacturers.

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