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Our industrial automation solutions make it easier than ever to optimize your production process and unlock new levels of efficiency.  Our bin picking solution is the perfect fit for any industry that needs to recognize and extract parts from a container, regardless of their geometry or material.

Our advanced 3D vision systems and robotic arm technologies allows for fast and accurate part recognition and extraction, with no need for pre-ordering or complex part configurations.  With our bin picking solution, you can:

  1.  Automate pick and place tasks quickly and accurately

  2.  Recognize and locate parts within containers, regardless of their position or orientation

  3.  Calculate the distance of the container and optimize the extraction path

  4.  Avoid obstacles in the environment during movements

  5.  Remove parts properly without damage

  6.  Position them at their destination

Our bin picking solution is highly flexible and adaptive, allowing you to reschedule tasks, move it around and cover a greater volume of work with minimal supervision. With our solution, you can automate complex pick and place tasks safely and reliably, while avoiding repetitive movements and the manipulation of dangerous pieces.

Application Testing & Proof-of-Concepts

Partnering with leading manufactures, our team of engineers are able to test your bin picking applications free of charge.  Through this process, we are able to deliver a clear line of site into what your automated process would look like in regards to feasibility, cycle time, tooling needs, and return on investment. 

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New Solutions from Leading Manufacturers


Bin picking in the automotive industry with Universal Robots and Pickit 3D


Kassow Robots and Pickit 3D Bin Picking Demo & Proof of Concept


Kassow Robots and Pickit 3D Bin Picking Demo & Proof of Concept

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