Automate Your Material Removal Process

Complimentary Testing

Partnering with Schunk, our team of engineers are able to test your material removal application completely free of charge.  Through this process, we are able to deliver a clear line of site into what your automated process would look like in regards to feasibility, cycle time, tooling needs, and return on investment. 

Common Applications


Removal of burrs and chamfering of sharp edges after the actual workpiece machining is complete


Removal of coarser material or to prepare surfaces for downstream ­surface finishing


Process to give workpiece a desired finish

The Benefits of Automating

Implementing robotic material removal into your processes can have the following benefits:

  1.  Eliminate ergonomic strain on employees performing operations with hand tools

  2.  Mitigate health risks from particle emissions (e.g. abrasive dust or chips)

  3.  More consistent quality of the machining results

  4.  Reduction of machining time and increasing machining capacity

Material Removal Information Request