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Gearing Solutions from DieQua

With many custom gearboxes, prices can be two to three times the cost of traditional gearboxes.  Working with our leading gearing partners, we're able to help you develop modified standards without crazy costs or lead times.  These solutions are popular with our clients in the defense, medical, & aerospace sectors due to the capability of outfitting the gearbox with high RPM input capabilities, shock and impact loading / protection, and extreme temperature ranges. 

If you are unable to find the gearbox you need in a catalog, get in touch with our team of skilled engineers who will assist you with your project. 


Example Modification Capabilities

Special environmental conditions

Washdown applications

Dimension modifications

High-Speed applications

Special shaft designs

Special materials

Unique mounting requirements

Multiple shaft outputs

Custom painting

Plating options

Special ratios

Special lubrication

Whether on land, under water, or in the air, withstanding the heat of an oven or the cold of Antarctica, DieQua has satisfied some of the most demanding applications imaginable, even producing as few as one piece.

If you’re working on a special application, where a standard product just doesn’t cut it, send us some details and we can review it with you.

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