The New Customized Gearbox: Frankenbox

Frankenbox: DieQua's Modified Standard

With many custom gearboxes, prices can be two to three times the cost of traditional gearboxes.  Working with our leading gearing partners, we're able to help you develop modified standards without crazy costs or lead times!  These solutions are popular with our clients in the DOD, medical, & aerospace sectors due to the capability of outfitting the gearbox with high RPM input capabilities, shock and impact loading / protection, and extreme temperature ranges. 

If you are unable to find the gearbox you need in a catalog, look no further than DieQua’s Frankenbox.  The Frankenbox is a solution from DieQua that can be customized to your specific application. 

By taking a standard gearbox and making modifications, DieQua is able to provide custom tailored solutions without the custom price tag or long lead time. 

Example Modification Capabilities

Custom Reduction Ratios

High Speeds (e.g. <20,000 RPM)

Extreme Temperature Ranges (e.g. -40C to 70C)

Custom housings to fit a predefined footprint

Large Reduction Ratios (500:1)

Modifications for increased impact/shock resistance

Combining Cycloidal and Planetary Technologies into one unit

Real-World Application Examples

Gearbox to Open a Flood-Gate with Multiple Failsafe Options

Primary drive connected to the main motor to lift the gate

Auxiliary drive with small electric motor on a planetary input to lift the gate if the main motor fails

Handwheel fixed to the ‘d3’ shaft to manually lift the gate if both motors fail and no electric power is available

Gearbox for Electric Vehicle Test Rig 

Added capability to run speeds over 20,000 RPM

Worm Gearbox Paired with Speed Variator Motor Combination  

Enables to gearbox/motor to run at various speeds required for the application

Fully Tailored Gearbox Solution

Equipped with custom housing and connections to fit precisely into a tight space

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