Maximizing Integration Efficiency with Advanced Feeding Solutions

July 18, 2023 by

Today the demand for adaptability and precision for most manufacturers is increasing drastically, and the world of industrial automation is seeing a significant shift towards flexible part feeding solutions. High-mix, low-volume manufacturing scenarios along with intense quality standards are becoming more and more common. This dynamic poses unique challenges for system integrators, who are tasked with ensuring that their client's production lines are versatile and efficient.

Often times the limitations of traditional feeding systems, such as bowl and linear feeders, pose a bump in the road for system integrators trying to get a solution turned around in a timely manner. These traditional part feeding technologies often struggle to handle a broad range of part types and sizes. Moreover, the time and cost associated with adjusting these systems to new production requirements can be prohibitive, inhibiting operational agility and negatively impacting overall project efficiency.

In our experience, this is where Asyril's Asycube series of flexible feeders come in as a great solution. They are specially designed to handle parts of varying sizes and geometries, thus offering an effective solution to the challenges that some system integrators frequently face. With the ability to cater to components from <0.1mm up to 150mm in size, Asycube feeders provide unparalleled versatility.

The technological advantage of Asyril’s Asycube feeders lies in its innovative 3-axis vibration technology. This technology allows for parts to move in all directions, reducing accumulation and recirculation, which in turn enhances process efficiency. Additionally, quick changeover times and easy setup procedures mean integrators can swiftly adapt to varying project requirements. This streamlining significantly reduces integration time, ensuring project timelines are met and client satisfaction is achieved.

One of the standout features of the Asycube series is the EYE+ smart control system. This feature substantially simplifies the control of the feeding system, reducing the complexity traditionally associated with integration. System integrators no longer need to juggle multiple control systems. With the EYE+ system, control over the hopper, feeder, camera, and robot can be consolidated into a single, user-friendly, web-based interface. This unified control not only streamlines operations but also minimizes the need for extensive training.

Apart from the technological efficiencies, Asycube feeders also provide benefits in handling parts gently. This is particularly relevant in industries where assembly quality is paramount. By reducing the potential for part damage, the Asycube series ensures a high-quality output.

Asyril's flexible feeders offer a competitive edge for system integrators in the evolving landscape of automation. By choosing Asyril's Asycube feeders and leveraging the EYE+ vision system, integrators can navigate application complexities with ease, ensuring seamless adaptation, operational efficiency, and the delivery of high-quality assemblies. If you're a system integrator working on a project and could utilize an Asycube feeder, reach out to our team of engineers who are experts on the technology - we'll be happy to help.

July 18, 2023
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