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The world’s first high-speed pick & place technology able to work with your production team. 

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The Wyzo Sidebot

The first high-speed pick & place  technology ever to work safely with people.
 The sidebot is the perfect solution for applications where a collaborative robot (cobot) does not have sufficient performance.  The Wyzo™ sidebot allows companies of any size to automate a process that is still manual.

In particular, Wyzo™  is an excellent step towards automation for a growing company that needs to move towards the industrialization of its production equipment.


High-Speed Innovation as Close to People as it Gets

  • Integrated vision systems with up to 2 cameras

  • Cantilever and compact frame

  • Delta robot with large working volume

  • Mobile terminal with pick & place optimized software

  • Certified safety system for collaborative work

  • First sidebot ever

Features and Benefits

Compact, small footprint

High performance

Versatility, Production-Mix

Changing Environment

Easy to program

High + low batch size

Easy deployment

End-of-arm tool flexibility

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