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For years, traditional industrial robots focused on increasing payload capacity, speed and repeatability. Over this time, these robots have gotten bigger, stronger and more dangerous while still relying on their complex proprietary programming languages. Now a new generation of “collaborative” robots that focus on built-in safety and ease-of-use have enabled non-traditional robot users to automate processes that could not be addressed before.  These collaborative robots are safe to use without shielding, which permits them to be deployed more easily and in environments where space and access to the workcell while the robot is operating are critical. 

PreciseFlex Collaborative Robots

PreciseFlex Direct Drive Robot

Direct Drive Features:
  • Heavier payloads at 6kg and 8 kg
  • Direct drive robot design so they are faster and still collaborative
  • Embedded controller
  • Ideal for mobile applications 
  • Can have Z axis up to 1.4 M
  • Longer reach plus base rotation

PreciseFlex 3400 SCARA

3400 SCARA Features:
  • 1.4 Second cycle time & no shielding
  • Mixed Manufacturing Environment
  • Space Saving Design with Huge Working Volume
  • Powerful Easy-To-Use Software
  • Unique Collaborative Features


PreciseFlex 100 Cartesian Robot

PreciseFlex 100 Features:
  • Safe Mixed Manufacturing Environment
  • Cost and Space Saving Design
  • Simple to Program and Teach
  • Unique Collaborative Features

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