PreciseFlex 3400 SCARA

The world's safest, fastest robot


  • 1.4 Second Cycle Time & No Shielding
  • Mixed Manufacturing Environment
  • Space Saving Design with Huge Working Volume
  • Power Easy-To-Use Software
  • Unique Collaborative Features

Features and Benefits

Unique Collaborative Features

Due to its one-of-a-kind collaborative design, the PF3400 offers some truly unique features not found in other collaborative or traditional robots. For example, the low gear ratios found in the PF3400 links enable the robot to enter into a "Compliant Place" mode, which allows the robot to guide a part into place using a chamfered fixture much like a human would do. This allows the robot to achieve much greater placement accuracies and reliability by adjusting to part and fixturing alignment and tolerance issues. The PF3400 can also be configured to auto detect the height of an unknown stack to determine future pick-and-place activities.

Mixed Manufacturing Environment

Collaborative robots potentially allow for the creation of a mixed manufacturing environment where people can enter and efficiently work around robots without the loss of throughput. However, most "collaborative" robots must move slowly or use a reduced speed collaborative mode, losing productivity whenever users are near. The PF3400's unique combination of speed/safety allows it to operate at full speed and deliver industrial throughput in applications where operators can move freely around the robot without concerns for their safety or impacting production

1.4 Second Cycle Time

This distinctive SCARA design can perform the industry standard pick-and-place cycle time test in 1.4 sec when carrying a 1kg load. This is only slightly slower than many non-collaborative industrial robots and comparable to human operators. Even at the fastest speeds, the PF3400 limits free space collision forces to under 100N and rigid collisions to under 150N.

Space Saving Design with Huge Working Volume

In addition to offering a competitive price comparable to non-collaborative robots, the PF3400's unique mechanical design is optimized for collaborative table top applications. This lightweight robot can be carried by one person, mounted on a table and, by plugging in just an AC power cord and an Ethernet cable, is ready to operate. The controller, power supplies and harnessing are embedded within the robot's structure, eliminating external controller cabinets and simplifying installations. Due to its novel configuration, the PF3400 can work in cells with very compact foot prints while providing the extraordinary vertical reach of up to 1.2M and up to 2M horizontally when mounted on an optional linear rail.

Powerful and Easy to Use Software

To simplify setup for new users, many collaborative robots use a programming environment with limited features. Precise Automation's collaborative robots offer the flexibility of both an easy-to-use web based interface as well as an optional advanced programming environment as capable as any industrial robot. The easy-to-use Guidance Motion interface is accessible from any web enabled device and allows technicians or operators to quickly and easily setup and teach the PF3400 to perform real work.

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