Value-Add & Advanced Engineering Services


We don't just sell product, our team of experienced engineers are available to support you to become an extension of your engineering team.

So let's be clear.  We are not machine builders or full-service systems integrators.   We only offer engineering and integration service to support the product that we sell.   We do, however, have trusted partners that we work with to help deliver turnkey systems to our clients.

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Value-Add Services

BlueBay is ready to become an extension of your engineering team

Application and Engineering Assistance

  • Electrical Engineering and Design

  • Controls Engineering

  • Servo Motor Sizing and Selection

  • Motion Control programming

  • SCARA, Cartesian and  Articulate Arm Robotics

  • IIoT, SCADA and HMI

  • Vision Inspection

  •  3-D Solid Modeling & Drafting Services (SolidWorks & OnShape)

  • FEA Analysis

Custom 3D Printing & Mechanical Engineering Design

Often times, challenging applications require custom-made components or added features. We have the ability to custom print with a variety of materials.

Common applications we have dealt with in the past include fixtures and end of arm tooling for robots, but the possibilities are endless.

Our printers have the ability to create product from a variety of materials, allowing the final product to be rigid, flexible, tough, wear-resistant, and/or most other material attributes that may be required.

Research and Development

In our research and development phase, BlueBay provides a proof-of-concept.  We can custom manufacture components that are needed for your application as well as handle any coding, and then we would present our findings.

The cost of our R&D services are absorbed into the project quote, allowing risk to be reduced on your end without additional expenses. 

These development phases do vary per application, so if you have interest in exploring this more then please contact us and we can discuss the specifics of how to move forward. 

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Whatever your next project may require, our team of engineers is here to guide you.