JSmart Series

Smart HMI with Support Arms

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EXOR International would like to invite you on this journey of imagination and discovery by introducing the JSmart family of Smart HMI Field Devices.

The JSmart PoE HMI Series is up to a 32-bit RISC quad core, multitouch display and robust glass front, a full set of motion and environment sensors and Wi-Fi interface. The continuing reduction of control cabinets in particular is increasing the need for input stations that can be installed flexibly. Fully enclosed panels with IP67 protection offer decisive advantages when it comes to positioning operator terminals at the most convenient locations on the machine through JSmart support arm system.


HMI 5" PCAP Touch, 4GB Flash, PoE Ethernet, JMobile Runtime


HMI 7" PCAP Touch, 4GB Flash, PoE + Wi-Fi, JMobile Runtime

JSmart NFC 

HMI 7" PCAP Touch, 4GB Flash,  PoE + Wi-Fi + NFC, JMobile Runtime


HMI 10.1" PCAP Touch, 4GB Flash,  PoE + Wi-Fi, JMobile Runtime


HMI 15.6" PCAP Touch, 8GB Flash, PoE + Wi-Fi, JMobile Runtime


HMI 21.5" PCAP Touch, 8GB Flash, PoE + Wi-fi, JMobile Runtime

Key Features

From 5 inch to 21 inch display

Up to a resolution 1920x1080 pixel with 16M colors, dimmable backlight

PCAP Touchscreen Multitouch with swiping and zooming

10/100 Ethernet port PoE single cable for power and ethernet

Wi-Fi Connection 

Up to a ARM Cortex-A9 quad core CPU

Full IP67 protection; ideal for mounting arm installation right at the machine

Mounts on 22 mm hole

Includes environment and motion sensors

Can be used with cable up to 100 m distance from source

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