JMobile Industrial Software

JMobile completely covers the connectivity from edge to cloud, device management, process management and data visualization essential for the all the edge to cloud levels

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 JMobile offers a comprehensive solution for IIoT platform connectivity, device, and process management, as well as data visualization, all within one user-friendly software. It features a fully integrated CODESYS PLC and supports major protocols like PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Modbus, ensuring robust and secure data transmission via OPC UA. Beyond its technical prowess, JMobile's development, deeply influenced by industrial market feedback, results in an exceptional user experience. Its intuitive interface, enhanced by a rich graphics library, simplifies implementation and elevates visualization. Ready for evolving web applications, JMobile leverages HTML5 and QT engine technologies, allowing advanced control and remote supervision across various devices through its JM4Web feature.

Guiding Principles of Development

The three principles that have guided and will continue to guide the development of JMobile are:

  1.  Remain open to the major fieldbus / protocols of communication
  2.  Use open and universally recognized market technological standards such as HTML5, SVG, XML
  3.  Integrate selected market-leading 3rd party software with a seamless UI and extremely secure.

These three principles working together offer EXOR International and our customers the best of all situations where the secure, solid JMobile backbone of highly critical software is able to contain and implement all the software required for Industrial IoT implementation.

High User Interface Experience

Create IIoT ecosystems with reduced risk

From Shop Floor to Cloud / Big Data

Great HTML5 interface with JM4web

Real Interoperability

Create Alarms with associated Alerts

Software available in 4 languages

Efficient scripting with JavaScript

More than 200 communication protocols

Efficient scripting with JavaScript

Browser widget

Integrated PLC runtime

Multi platform runtime

Complete compatibility with OPC UA

JMobile PC Runtime

JMobile PC Runtime is the Windows version of our powerful programming software for graphic user interfaces. The developer can program within a single development environment (JMobile Studio) and choose to download to Exor HMIs or industrial PCs.

The feature set of JMobile PC Runtime is identical to those offered for Exor HMIs with the ability to utilize the computing power, flexibility, and expandability of a PC. Many serial and Ethernet communication protocols are available. Value, functionality, and price make JMobile PC Runtime ideal for replacing generic SCADA with a cost effective solution. JMobile Runtime is offered in a single version with 10.000 tags for a single price, simplifying the costing decision.

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