7 Key Takeaways from Assembly Show South 2023

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The Assembly Show South Nashville 2023 recently wrapped up, showcasing the most up-to-date trends and technologies in the manufacturing and industrial automation space - especially in the Southeast. In this article, we will dive into seven key takeaways from the event that we saw, providing some insight and context on each subject listed. Our goal is to help businesses like yours stay ahead of the curve and navigate the ever-changing world of manufacturing and automation, as we explore the potential impact and applications of these innovations.

The Growing Importance of Collaborative Robots

The prominence of collaborative robots, or cobots, at the Assembly Show South this year reflects the industry's increasing interest in this type of robotic solution.  Cobots have been around for a few years now and have been a hot topic in the manufacturing and automation community.  Cobots are designed to work alongside humans, improving productivity and efficiency across various applications. They offer significant advantages over traditional industrial robots, such as increased flexibility, faster deployment times, and lower costs. 

Striving to stay ahead of industry trends, our team collaborates with leading cobot manufacturers to provide businesses with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to their needs. With a focus on partnerships with manufacturers like Kassow Robots, we displayed two cutting-edge cobot solutions that are transforming the manufacturing landscape and helping businesses stay competitive. You can view our LinkedIn page to see videos of these solutions in action!

Addressing Labor Shortages with Automation

Labor shortages in the manufacturing industry, particularly in welding, have driven the need for innovative solutions. Automation technologies showcased at the Assembly Show South emphasize the potential for robots to fill skill gaps and alleviate labor shortages. By adopting automated solutions, businesses can reduce downtime, increase production rates, and maintain high-quality outputs.  

For the first time ever, we showcased our new robotic welding unit to the public! Featuring technology from Kassow Robots, Fronius Perfect Welding, and Dassault Systèmes.  This was our example of how advanced technology can help manufacturers overcome labor challenges and enhance their operations - especially when dealing with dull and potentially dangerous tasks such as welding.

The Integration of Advanced Technologies

The seamless integration of advanced tools and software is crucial for optimizing manufacturing processes. At the Assembly Show South, several companies presented their latest innovations, emphasizing the importance of streamlined integration. By combining hardware and software components, manufacturers can create synergistic solutions that deliver enhanced performance, reduced waste, and improved efficiency. 

Technologies working in high levels of synergy, such as Yamaha Robotics America's orbit and Asyril SA's flexible feeding systems that we showcased in our previous LinkedIn videos, help businesses unlock their full potential and stay competitive in the market.  One of the keys to integration of advanced tech like mentioned above is ensuring that the flexibility of the system matches the flexibility of your process.  In other words - if you may be changing the product you manufacture, or the way that you manufacture that product, then you’ll want your equipment to be redeployable and able to adapt to the new needs of your business.  This is why “flexible automation” is key for many manufacturers today.

Speed and Precision in Automation Solutions

Modern manufacturing demands both speed and precision, as these factors directly impact both productivity and product quality. At the Assembly Show South, numerous exhibitors highlighted their solutions designed to meet these requirements. Advanced robotics and automation technologies enable manufacturers to optimize production processes while maintaining accuracy and consistency. 

Flexible Feeding Systems and Vision Technology

Flexible feeding systems and advanced vision technology play a vital role in creating efficient and adaptable automation solutions. These technologies enable manufacturers to handle a wide range of part types and sizes, maximizing productivity and reducing downtime. We saw several companies showcase their latest innovations in these areas, emphasizing their importance in modern manufacturing. 

In our booth, we highlighted these solutions with our partners with industry-leading providers, such as Asyril SA and its Eye+ vision system, to showcase a comprehensive, adaptable solution.

Innovative Design and Customization

Customization is key to meeting each client's unique requirements in the manufacturing industry. Seeing so many customized add-ons and systems for both widely applicable as well as niche applications highlighted the importance of innovative design and customization in automation solutions. By utilizing new design techniques and manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, businesses can create tailored solutions that optimize production processes and address specific challenges - at a cost much lower than ever before. 

In the displays and demo units that we had in our booth, many featured custom components were created in our 3D printing lab - such as customized end of arm tooling and uniquely designed hoppers.

Growing Interest in Assembly and Automation Solutions

The positive reception and interest in advanced assembly and automation solutions indicate a growing need for businesses to invest in automation technologies. As manufacturers look to optimize their processes and stay competitive, the demand for cutting-edge assembly and automation solutions will continue to rise. BlueBay Automation is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and providing state-of-the-art solutions that help businesses navigate the rapidly changing manufacturing landscape. By offering a range of collaborative robotic solutions and flexible automation cells, featuring technology from leading manufacturers like Kassow Robots, OnRobot, Yamaha Robotics America, Asyril SA, and Mecademic Robotics, we are well-positioned to address the needs of manufacturers in the dynamic world of automation.


The Assembly Show South Nashville 2023 showcased the latest developments and trends in manufacturing and industrial automation. By understanding these key takeaways and implementing innovative solutions, businesses can stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry. BlueBay Automation is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art products and services that align with these trends, ensuring that our clients remain competitive in the global market. If you're interested in learning more about our solutions and how they can benefit your manufacturing processes, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

April 13, 2023
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