VISOR Sensing Solutions

Image processing can be so easy.

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VISOR Highlights

  • Perfectly in tune : A combination of sophisticated hardware and easily configurable software
  • Connectivity : Comprehensive protocols (e.g. PROFINET, Ethernet/IP) for seamless integration into your environment
  • Flexibility:  One of the most extensive vision sensor families on the market offering solutions tailored to your applications
  • Scalability:  Select your VISOR®  to suit to your own requirements

VISOR Sensor Solutions


BlueBay's partnership with SensoPart allows us to cover a wide spectrum of industrial image processing.   A high-performance smart camera fitted in a compact and light-weight housing forms the heart of SensoPart VISOR® vision sensors.  

Their hardware is optimized by the VISOR® software, which enables the set up of applications in very few and simple steps and the adjustment of process parameters as well. The software allows the process to be continually monitored

SensoPart vision sensors have proven themselves to be extremely flexible – the VISOR® comes with diverse resolutions of up to 5 megapixels and 3 different fields of view (narrow to wide).  

All VISOR® sensors are equipped with a universal interface for installation in your machine, which is further facilitated by integrated standardized transmission protocols (PROFINET, Ethernet/IP). 

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