Feasibility Studies

Minimize the risk in implementing new automation projects

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At BlueBay Automation, we navigate the intricacies of automation projects, turning potential risks into opportunities for success. Our feasibility studies, pivotal in ensuring project viability, thoroughly assess and test key aspects, aligning with your specific needs for efficiency and profitability. These proof of concept phases not only minimize risk but also provide a clear roadmap for successful implementation, offering confidence and strategic foresight in your automation journey.

Minimize Risk 

Our feasibility studies target the riskiest aspects of your project, testing them under real-world conditions to ensure viability and success.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With a focus on R&D, we help you see the potential of your full project without the full-scale investment, reducing upfront costs and uncertainty.

Expert Guidance

Leverage our expertise and advanced lab equipment to navigate the complexities of automation, ensuring a tailored and successful solution.

A BlueBay Example:  Automotive PCB Assembly

We successfully automated a PCB assembly process for an automotive client, incorporating a robot, custom tooling, and precision sensors. This study proved the project's feasibility and set the stage for full-scale implementation, reinforcing our client’s confidence in the investment. 

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