OnRobot Eyes

With the OnRobot Eyes you can now easily sort, pick and place unstructured applications with high reliability using any robot arm. Eyes can be mounted on the robot wrist or externally, with position adjustments to adapt to your application, and integrates seamlessly with the robot interface and gripper through the OnRobot Quick Changer. Deployment is fast, so there is minimal downtime for changeovers to new products or processes. One-picture calibration and part recognition takes just minutes, and programming is intuitive and fast. And with Eyes’ advanced, affordable 2.5D vision, you get depth perception and the ability to stack parts, without adding complexity.

Key Features

Fast Deployment

Easy deployment vision system with minimal programming complexity

2.5D Vision Featuring Depth Perception 

Depth perception used for application such as stacking  or handling items of various heights

Flexibility in Production

Flexible (re)configuration with adjustable wrist and external mount

Time Savings

2.5D vision system with depth perception for unstructured applications

One-Picture Calibration or Part Recognition 

Simply take a  picture of the work surface to calibrate camera view, and a picture for each workpiece the system should detect.

Adjustable Wrist or External Mount

The Eyes can be mounted on the robot arm or externally. There are multiple reconfigurations available - around the robot flange and  tilt orientation.

Intuitive Programming

Easy One System setup for any leading robot brand with software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up

Common Accessories

Dual Quick Changer

Dual Gripping, More Power for Twice the Work

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Quick Changer

Fast Tool Changing Within 5 Seconds

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Force/Torque Sensor

Giving Your Cobot The Sense Of Touch

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