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Dual Quick Changer - Dual Gripping, More Power for Twice the Work

Dual gripper speeds cycle time and can improve productivity by 50% or more

Increased productivity offers faster payback, with ROI in as little as 3 months

Increased up-time in CNC machine tending 

Key Features

Easy and Fast Tool Changing

Allowing robot operators to quickly change tooling in addition to eliminating downtime between various processes.

Safe and Secure Locking Mechanism

Patented, reliable and easy-to-use locking mechanism. Enables simple and fast locking and unlocking, letting even unexperienced operators change the robot’s EOAT in a few seconds.

Payload Up to 20kg (44lbs)

OnRobot’s Dual Quick Changer can handle workpieces that combined weigh up to 20 kg

High Repeatability

Ideal for CNC machine tending to speed up cycle time

ISO-9409-1 Flange

Can be used on any robot arm, drone, or other equipment with an ISO-9409-1 flange

Common Accessories

Force/Torque Sensor

Giving Your Cobot The Sense Of Touch

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