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Versatile Electric Gripper for Palletizing and Slip Sheet Handling

Highly versatile palletizing gripper with wide stroke and customizable arms handles heavy or open boxes, shelf-ready products and other containers that can’t be gripped with vacuum

Integrated vacuum gripper handles slip sheets without changing the gripper or requiring other handling method

Off-the-shelf gripper saves significant engineering effort and shortens deployment time

Electric gripper offers fast out-of-the-box deployment without the complexity and costs of external air supply

Features & Benefits

Ideal for Palletizing

The gripper's wide-stroke can handle display and open boxes, weighting up to 20kg    

Grips Boxes and Containers Vacuum Grippers Can't

Parallel gripping is less sensitive to box material and porosity 

Integrated Vacuum For Handling Slip Sheets

Use one gripper for multiple processes in the palletizing application

Wide Stroke and Customizable Arms

Can be quickly deployed and redeployed for handling different parts and applications.

See How it Works

The 2FGP20 , a powerful, versatile, electric palletizing gripper with a 20 kg payload and customizable arms that can handle open boxes and shelf-ready products while also handling slip sheets without changing the gripper or requiring additional handling.


Common Applications

Material Handling

Ideal for high mix, low volume, allows for quick and easy settings adjustments depending on the parts being handled. 

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