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Flexible Automation & Robotics  

We distribute & integrate a wide variety of components for automation and robotic applications, as well as provide the expertise to implement said solutions.  Additionally, we have a portfolio of advanced engineering systems that many use to assist with integration projects, as well as stand-alone units.

System Integration Services

Our customers span from system integrators and OEMs to end users and beyond.  We've proven time and time again to be an excellent extension to our customers' engineering teams, and with the combination of our partners that span across the nation paired with our in-house capabilities: we are more than prepared to provide your solution.

Motion Control & Mechanics 

We won't just sell you the components and send you on your way.  Our team of highly competent engineers are experts with the products and systems that we offer and are here to support onsite or remotely.  We believe at putting technical expertise at the point of sale, so all of our sales team and account managers have thorough knowledge on our solutions. 

On-Site Application Testing & Demonstrations

By bringing our leading automation solutions to your door and utilizing our team of expert engineers, we're able to not only show you the solutions firsthand, but are also able to test the solutions on your specific process.

Typically taking less than an hour from arriving to packing up, our engineers are able to give your team hands-on experience with the technology and provide real-time solutions to your process.   Common application areas our engineers have been helping with recently include:

  • Automated Welding

  • Machine Tending

  • Bin Picking & Part Sorting

  • Small Component Processes

  • Packaging & Palletizing

  • Controls, Gearing, & Motion Control

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Solution Spotlight

Spartan 1 Welder from Spartan Robotics

Introducing the Spartan 1 Welder – a groundbreaking collaborative robot welder that delivers unparalleled welding performance. Combining cutting-edge Fronius welding packages with the extraordinary capabilities of Kassow Robots 7-axis lightweight robots, the Spartan 1 Welder ensures enhanced torch reach for precise and consistent welds in areas that traditional 6-Axis robots cannot access.

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Solutions by Product Type

Automation Consultations

If you don't want to scroll through our entire website, just give us a call and let's talk about your application and needs.  We're constantly expanding our technological horizon, and our engineers are more than happy to discuss automating your project, no matter how big or small.  Just send us a message with a brief description of your needs, and we'll have our team reach out at a time that works best for you.  

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