BlueBay Automation Specialties

Components & Sub-Assemblies

We distribute a wide variety of components for automation and robotic applications, as well as provide the expertise to implement said solutions.  Additionally, we have a portfolio of advanced engineering systems that many use to assist with integration projects, as well as stand-alone units.

Engineering Solutions

Our customers span from system integrators and OEMs to end users and beyond.  We've proven time and time again to be an excellent extension to our customers' engineering teams, and with the combination of our partners that span across the nation paired with our in-house capabilities: we are more than prepared to provide your solution.

Service & Support

We won't just sell you the components and send you on your way.  Our team of highly competent engineers are experts with the products and systems that we offer and are here to support onsite or remotely.  We believe at putting technical expertise at the point of sale, so all of our sales team and account managers have thorough knowledge on our solutions. 

Solution Spotlight

The Wyzo Sidebot

The first high-speed pick & place  technology ever to work safely with people.

 The sidebot is the perfect solution for applications where a collaborative robot (cobot) does not have sufficient performance.  The Wyzo™ sidebot allows companies of any size to automate a process that is still manual.

In particular, Wyzo™  is an excellent step towards automation for a growing company that needs to move towards the industrialization of its production equipment.

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