End-of-Line Automation: Part 2

Innovating Collaborative Automation with Zero-Code Deployment
September 8, 2023 by
BlueBay Automation Content Team

Drastically Reducing Barriers of Entry for Automation

In response to the challenges and barriers faced by SMEs in automating end-of-line processes like packaging and palletizing, solutions like D:PLOY are emerging in the collaborative automation landscape. While collaborative automation has made it easier for SMEs to adapt to automation, there still exists a barrier to entry. Traditional collaborative automation often requires some level of programming and simulations, which can be a hindrance for those without specialized expertise.

Zero-Programming Deployment

D:PLOY addresses this gap by taking collaborative automation a step further. It's an automated platform designed specifically to eliminate the need for programming and simulations, allowing deployment directly on the manufacturing floor. By automating these complex aspects, D:PLOY offers up to 90% savings on deployment and re-deployment time. This not only aligns with the benefits of collaborative automation but also amplifies them, making automation even more accessible. What sets D:PLOY apart is its intuitive graphical interface, where workspace obstacles and cell boundaries can be set, and the system automatically generates a collision-free path. The application setup is simplified through a step-by-step flow, where workpiece attributes, pick positions, and other inputs are entered, and D:PLOY takes care of the rest. From program logic to path planning, D:PLOY automates the entire process. This represents a new wave of innovation that builds on the promise of collaborative automation, offering even more flexibility and efficiency, and lowering the barriers for SMEs to embrace automation.


In the demanding world of manufacturing, palletizing stands out as a critical yet challenging end-of-line operation. Despite being ripe for automation, traditional methods have been a barrier for many, especially SMEs, due to high costs, complexity, and the need for specialized expertise. Collaborative automation has emerged as a game-changing solution, offering flexibility, ease of use, and significant cost savings. Innovations like D:PLOY are taking this a step further, eliminating the need for programming and simulations, and offering even more efficiency and accessibility. Together, these advancements are unlocking the potential of automation in end-of-line processes, paving the way for a more streamlined and cost-effective manufacturing landscape. The future of automation is here, and it's more accessible and adaptable than ever before. Join us in embracing this new era of innovation, where the possibilities are endless, and the barriers are falling away.

BlueBay Automation Content Team September 8, 2023
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