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August 12, 2020 by

Introducing: Zeltwanger's X-Cell-WB

The Ultimate Machine Tool Loader

Intelligent Autonomous Machine Tool Loading

The drive for the automation of machine tending applications has been incessant and has only increased as the pandemic has caused shock-waves across the industry in how we view labor. Many machining centers have entertained the thought of a robotic machine tending robot solution. However, the limitations of a specific product which can be standardized for all sizes of machined parts has yet to come to fruition.

Standardized Product:

The X-Cell-WB from Zeltwanger has brought the standardization of this particular application one step closer to reality. After successfully launching the product in Europe, Zeltwanger has brought a machine tending product which can be taught for new parts very simply by a machine operator at an end user without learning  code. The X-Cell-WB has brought forth a new era in machine tending without the limitations of only the ability to handle small parts. The X-Cell is fully scalable for large heavy parts up to 44 lbs all while maintaining safety without the necessity of safety fencing.

Ease of Use:

The most important feature of this product is the ease of use for setup for new products and small machine runs. Zeltwanger has created a machine interface which has boiled down a new product run program to be taught from a Graphical interface which guides the user through a new pick and place routine in mere minutes. This process can be taught to a novice operator due to the safety limitations of the robot which include soft limits on the robot's movement tailor-made for your specific machine ensuring that it cannot be interfere or crash during robot teaching mode. As a robot programmer, I found the interface to be simple and well thought out in contrast to anything that I have utilized in the past. A new product "recipe" is approached in a step by step guided manner much like a "graphical wizard" for software downloads. 

Unique High End Features:

Important features which make this product stand out from other machine tending products on the market include the following options:

  • Fully Automatic Pre-Stamping

    • Delivers high retention force during processing

    • Automatic adjustment of stamping force

  • IIoT Ready 

  • Remote online Maintenance with camera

  • Easily Maneuverable (can be moved easily with a forklift)

  • Functions with any Brand Machine

Watch it in Action!

To learn more please reach out to Bluebay Automation about your application and interest and we can guide you through the Zeltwanger product configurator and help with your engineering questions about the ease of implementation. Please reach out to us at our site below and we will be in touch shortly:

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August 12, 2020
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