Identifying Opportunities for Automation

December 22, 2021 by
Identifying Opportunities for Automation
BlueBay Automation, LLC, J.T. Wood

Why Automate? 

Instead of asking why automate, try asking "why not?"

The leaders in manufacturing are already fully automated, which threatens to disrupt the industry.  You can be a part of the change or you can get run over by it, but one thing is for certain - at this point, widespread automation is inevitable.  

These are the four key benefits of robotics and automation in manufacturing:

Higher productivity

Doubling or even tripling production.

Lower costs

Uses sustainable technology and boosts efficiency

High-level focus

Allows for repurposing of workers for creative tasks

Workplace safety

Risky processes are delegated to robots, minimizing the chance of injury

How to Determine Process Automation Value and Focus

Manufacturing automation boasts incredible benefits, but in order to reap them the automation options must be considered and evaluated using a strategy focused on reducing the total cost of operations.  You must determine the processes that need automation.

In other words, pinpoint the root problems first.  Some good area to look at would be ones that include:

Dysfunctional systems that are hard to work with

Systems most often responsible for unplanned shutdowns

Systems adding to production costs

Barriers to achieving potential new business opportunities.

The mistake manufacturers frequently make is automating without monitoring, documenting, and analyzing current processes first.

Factors to Consider Before You Start Using Automation

Cost of labor and related supply-and-demand

Cost of developing and deploying the solution


 Higher levels of output, better quality, and fewer errors

The key takeaways for you employ in your everyday processes are:

The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly automated.
If you continue to do things manually, you won’t be able to keep up the pace.
Collaborative robots won’t steal your job; they will only improve it.
The only way to determine where to start is to look at your current performance.
Weigh out the benefits against the costs of process automation.  


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Identifying Opportunities for Automation
BlueBay Automation, LLC, J.T. Wood December 22, 2021
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