Welcome to Spartan Robotic Welding

Experience the future of welding with the Spartan Robot Welder, a user-friendly robotic welding solution designed for both low and high production applications. With no need for an internet connection and lifetime free upgrades, our welding systems offer unparalleled convenience and value.

Key Features and Benefits

Our Spartan Robotic Welding systems utilize Kassow 7-Axis Collaborative Robots, with models ranging from 850mm to 1800mm of reach. The unique 7th axis enables our welders to access hard-to-reach spaces and maneuver around objects for maximum welding efficiency. Partnering exclusively with Fronius, our systems guarantee exceptional welding quality and advanced features. Additionally, the Fronius Weldconnect app on our teach-pendant ensures easy configuration of welding parameters and seamless Bluetooth integration.

Extended Reach

Models with 850mm to 1800mm of reach

Superior Maneuverability

Unique 7th axis for enhanced maneuverability

App Integration

Fronius Weldconnect app integration

Rapid Setup

Quick setup for simple welding tasks

CAD Compatibility

Import CAD-generated paths as STEP files

System Components

Spartan Robotic Welding systems come equipped with a complete set of high-quality components, designed to work seamlessly together for optimal welding performance.

Kassow 7-Axis Robot

Fronius MIG / TIG Welding Power Supply  

Siegmund Welding table top and custom mobile frame

Additional options and customization available

Fronius Torch

Kassow Teach Pendant with Fronius Weldconnect

Fronius Wire Feeder

Pushbutton pendant for Cycle Start and Emergency Stop

Intuitive Programming and Training

Setting up a welding job with Spartan Robotic Welding has never been easier. Our intuitive robot programming environment features drag-and-drop commands and comes with example templates to help you get started. Configure welding parameters directly from the welder, or use the WeldConnect app on the pendant or your phone for added convenience. Plus, our comprehensive online training curriculum is available to all registered users.

Ensuring a Safe Working Environment

The Spartan Robotic Welding System is equipped with electrical safety interlocks between the robot and the welder, ensuring a secure working environment. In case of an emergency condition or if an emergency stop button is pressed, the robot will immediately stop, and the welder will shut down, along with the wire feeder motor.

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