Automated Storage Solutions

Looking to add on a robust smart solution for vertical storage?

Our solutions work in tandem with vertical storage solutions from  American Specialty .  The American Specialty Modula solutions are built to interface with robotic solutions.  Modula VLMs can be built to work with anthropomorphous robots.  This interface is achieved through the Modula WMS, which has a software communications protocol based on direct memory access to the robot’s PLC (Siemens PLC only) or socket server mode. 

Modula Horizontal Carousel


The Modula Horizontal Carousel provides a level of performance, reliability and safety to high-speed picking operations where ceiling height is limited. The Modula Horizontal Carousel is equipped with a digital Copilot that makes item retrieval fast and easy. This digital co-pilot integrates with the Modula software interface and visual picking aids to increase productivity and accuracy.

Modula Lift


An ideal storage solution for industrial products, with components and spare parts for a variety of environments.  Enjoy a throughput of up to 130 trays per hour and a tray payload capacity of up to 2,200 lbs.  This Vertical Lift can reduce your space requirements by up to 90% while increasing the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your picking operations.

Modula Slim

This small footprint Slim model is a great choice for warehouses with limited floor space that need flexible storage options. This Slim model enjoys the same advanced storage technology as our Lift model – which can boost productivity, accuracy, and inventory management and it can do it in a smaller footprint. It’s perfect for storing a wide array of materials and products, including containers, (boxes, bins, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, bottles, loose material, and more.

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Recover Space

Go vertical to 46’3” and better utilize your open space

Save Tiime

Dual delivery for the fastest picking speed

Reduce Risk of Injury

All items delivered at the best ergonomic height physical and optical safety barriers make Modula the safest in the industry

Increase Security

Operator restrictions to the machine and even to trays can be applied via the touch screen interface

Improve Accuracy

Tray managed access tracks inventory in real time

Boost Inventory Management

Link the Modula Vertical Lift WMS software to you ERP for integrated inventory management

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