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JSmart NFC - Smart HMI with Support Arms

Designed explicitly for field installation and now with NFC ISO/IEC 14443A Part A (tag types 1 and 2) the JSmart707 NFC dramatically opens up the possible user cases in industrial settings with any access control need.

JSmart707 NFC is a dedicated access control field device with dual core ARM Cortex A9 CPU, PCAP Touchscreen Multitouch and Wi-Fi that acts as a second Ethernet port.

With full IP67 environmental protection, you can install the product exactly where the operator needs to use it, without costly cabinet installation.

Features and Benefits

  • With NFC ISO/IEC 14443A Part A (tag types 1 and 2)

  • 7 inch TFT color display, resolution 1024x600 pixel

  • 16M colors, dimmable backlight

  • PCAP Touchscreen Multitouch

  • Includes environment and motion sensors

  • 10/100 Ethernet port PoE

  • Wi-Fi Connection

  • Full IP67 protection; ideal for mounting arm system


JSmart707 NFC is the ideal high-resolution 7 inch HMI display with PCAP multitouch screen with a robust glass front.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for maximum simplicity of connection using standard CAT5 wiring.

The availability of a WiFi interface enhances the device integration.

Full IP67 protection with the use of dedicated hmi support arm system for the maximum flexibility of installation.

The product includes a full set of environment and motion sensors to make this device a true IIoT smart HMI for Industry 4.0 applications.

The JSmart product family has been optimized for use as a JMobile HMI device.

  • Open platform for Linux applications

  • Built-in sensors (temperature and acceleration)

  • Performing HTML5-compatible browser with graphic accelerator

  • JMobile runtime with OPC UA Server and Client

  • Optional CODESYS V3 PLC for integrated HMI and control applications

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