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eSMART107B - Essential HMI

eSMART107B combines top performance with a compact design.

The product is fully compatible with JMobile runtime, including OPC UA Server and Client. It is also an open RT Linux platform for running own IoT software applications.

Moreover, this product can be optimized as a platform for the Chromium browser, while retaining compatibility with the eSMART family of HMI devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Stripped Down for pure browser use

  • OS Linux RT

  • HW and FW Optimised for Extremely Fast Operation

  • Supports HTML5 and JS

  • Resistive Touchscreen

  • Powerful CPU

  • High Memory Resources

  • Extended voltage range 10-32 Vdc

  • OPC UA Server and Client

  • Vast Library of Protocols

  • Extremely Robust Design


The eSMART series of products combine the power of JMobile – the software inside X Platform with an outstandingly robust design. With very specific applications in mind we have stripped down the eSMART to only the essential components and have created a truly class leading product.

Stripped down does not mean that the product is not robust. In fact it maintains a IP66 protection rating for the front of the unit and is certified to a level not seen in the low cost sector worldwide, allowing use in the most hazardous of environments.

Stripped down does not mean a cheap looking ugly product. The eSMART series is without doubt the most elegant in its class. No other fully plastic housed product can match the eSMART quality.

Stripped down does not mean reduction in high level functionality. Although the display is not at the incredible real life level of the eX700 series, the unique connectivity ability of JMobile – the software inside X Platform, allows the eSMART to communicate with a vast library of critical protocols as well as OPC UA standard and pub/sub server and client.

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