BlueMax Marathon AC Motors

Inverter Duty Motors

1 - 1250 HP

The BlueMAX is a totally enclosed, three phase motor designed for inverter  or vector applications where up to a 2000:1 constant torque speed range  is required. 

Typical uses include material handling, machine tools, conveyors, crane and hoist, metal processing, test stands, pumps, compressors,  and textile processing.

BlueMax - Features and Highlights

  • 2000:1 Constant Torque

  • 1.0 Service Factor VFD

  • Totally Encosed, foot-mounted; C-Face as noted

  • Class H MAXGUARD® insulation system

  • F1 standard, field reversible to F2 (except as noted)

  • Encoder provisions included on opposite drive end

  • Ball bearings (except as noted)

  • Class F N/C thermostats

  • Cast iron construction

  • Continuous duty at 40°C ambient

  • UL Recognized and CSA Certified

  • Three year warranty

Specifications: 1 to 125 HP Models

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