Introduction to IIoT

What is IIoT?

What is IIoT?
The industrial internet of things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 are the terms most commonly used for enhancing industrial processes and manufacturing machines by capturing data throughout a machine from sensors, motors, actuators etc. The manufacturing space is currently seeing a transformation as leading manufacturers are beginning to envision the benefits of how a cloud-based technology can help monitor the "heartbeat" or pulse of their machine without having to fully change out the current hardware of their machine or process and make it smart. IIoT can help revolutionize your business by giving the user the ability to visualize their machines vital signs and OEE. Many customers are surprised to find out that they can capture all this data without taking their current machine offline and disrupting production.

How can it be Implemented?

IIoT allows anyone to connect an existing machine and make it "smart", allowing for an expandable visualization of key data metrics. You may ask how can this be done? It depends on the customer, but in many cases it is not as difficult as you may envision. In any machine there is usually some controller or brain which connects to sensors and motors within its limited control scope. The key to bringing your machine into the Industry 4.0 revolution is by connecting that brain to your internal plant network and storing data you deem necessary to a database.

You may be thinking we don't have a standardized database? No Problem

Setting this up can be quite easy and can be implemented very quickly without having to add any hardware beyond the edge device that can help centralize the data needed to push to a virtual database. From this database the possibilities are endless. As the data can be manipulated in a rich environment of Machine Virtual dashboards (much like the dashboard of your car), it can help you visualize data in an oftentimes simplistic view.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned as Bluebay will continue this series on the Industrial Internet of Things and How we can help you transform your machine into the intelligent predicative machine you have always wanted it to be.

Next week: We will dive into "What value does IIoT bring to you!"