Common IIoT Architecture

Visualizing the Layers of IIoT

Common IIoT Architecture

How would IIoT be implemented in your facility ?

Any application in the industrialized world poses the challenge of aggregating data from discrete locations throughout the plant.

These areas can be itemized simply as the following from local to high level data overview:

  • Edge Devices (End Points):

    •     Equipment Sensors,  Equipment Controllers or servers and devices

  • Data Aggregators

    •     HMI/ PLC Gateway, Protocol Converters

  • Cloud Based Services

    •     Dashboards, Databases

  • Applications

    •     Databases and SCADA Interfaces

  • Human Intervention

    •    IT Staff, Technical Staff, IT infrastructure

Visualization of IIoT Layers

How Can BlueBay Help You?

Bring your Machine's OEE to the forefront! Machines with a PLC have everything we need at our disposal to grab the data you need to analyze a plantwide visualization level that can be seen at your office or even a from your cell phone. The hardware implementation can be easy and may be as simple as a single data aggregator such as a protocol convertor.

What KPIs are important to you? Lowering scrap rates? Fixing tolerances? We all have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we need to hit, but sometimes finding the right path to success can be hard.  BlueBay has experience in optimizing your machine from the top down, using data as our guide. Get in touch with us and we can talk through your application and ultimately find your solution.