Improve Quality Inspections with Vision AI Software

Reduce product defects. Increase inspection rates. Prevent production downtime.

Vision AI for Industrial Inspections

Neurala is on a mission to help manufacturers improve their vision inspection process. Supply chain issues, labor shortages, and the risk of recalls are driving the need for more automation. Our Visual Inspection Automation (VIA) software goes beyond the capabilities of traditional machine vision in detecting anomalies and defects, even when products have natural variations. Using our proven vision AI technology, manufacturers can scale production, reduce waste and adapt to workforce changes, while achieving even higher levels of quality control.

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Flexible Quality Inspection Automation

Neurala software uses our patented Lifelong-Deep Neural Network (L-DNN)™ technology, offering the first cost-effective vision AI tool that can be easily retrofitted into your existing production line infrastructure, without the need for AI experts or expensive capital expenditures. Neurala gives you the flexibility to deploy your vision AI models to meet your specific business needs, either to the cloud or on-premise.

How the Software Works

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